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Car Alarm Systems

The first documented case of car theft was in 1896, only a decade after gas-powered cars were first introduced. From that early era to today, cars have been a natural target for thieves: They are valuable, reasonably easy to resell and they have a built-in getaway system. Some studies claim that a car gets broken into every 20 seconds in the United States alone.
In light of this startling statistic, it's not surprising that millions of Americans have invested in expensive alarm systems. Today, it seems like every other car is equipped with sophisticated electronic sensors, blaring sirens and remote-activation systems. These cars are high-security fortresses on wheels.

Economy Viper Car Alarm
Viper Car Alarm Viper 130 HV Economy Remote Start System
New miniature 3-button Remote, smaller module with Viper badge, turbo timer and optional rear defroster activation output, dedicated 1 button start, parking light flash, flashing LED light built-in +/- door lock, polarity outputs, valet switch,
one 3-button remote, 3 channels, Viper quality, with Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Top Level Viper Car Alarm
Viper Car Alarms Viper 791 XV 2 Way Car Alarm
With Remote Start System
The security of a Viper 650XV
The remote start capability of a Viper160 XV
User-friendly 2-Way Remote with the, ultimate 2-Way security and remote start
system, FCC-Legal Remotes - No Risk of $11,000, Forfeiture penalties per violations, responder technology: Unique LCD, interface for 2-Way communication of command confirmations and trigger events, confirms all commands with easy-to understand icons, plus text. Alerts users to security system triggers by beeping or vibrating, responder alerts you when too far away to hear it. Only available 2-Way, remotes with 66-bit Code-Hopping, includes a belt clip, vehicle recovery system, turbo timer and optional rear defroster activation output. Parking light flash Dedicated 1 button start +/- Door lock. Polarity Outputs. One 4-button LCD remote, 5 channels, 5 zones, flashing LED light, valet switch, dome light supervision output ready. Failsafe Starter kill Built in, along with Remote Start Anti-grind (active/passive). 6 Tone Revenger Siren
Remote Panic/Car Finder $2,500 guaranteed protection plan Viper quality, with limited lifetime warranty.
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